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Self storage unit clean out service

With more and more people needing extra storage for their things, there are more storage units in play than ever before. As with anything that’s rented, from time to time people cease to rent them whether it be the end of a contract or not being able to continue to pay. In some cases, customers default on their payment or abandon their units and it’s left to the storage unit manager to organize clearing out the unit and preparing it to be rented again.

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Maybe you're renting a storage unit and have items in there that you don’t know what to do with but you’re tired of paying storage fees to keep holding on to them.

We have helped many people in your shoes by disposing of such things for you. Whether you want to have us remove specific unwanted items or for you take home the valuable possessions and then you would like for us to clear out what you have left behind in the unit, we are here to help. We aim to donate or recycle as much as possible to be kinder to the environment.

I’m sure, like many customers we have already helped, the money you will save on storage unit rental and the peace of mind from having less clutter, will be more than worth our affordable price for junk removal.

Storage unit property managers

If you are an owner or manager of a storage unit, we already work with a number of local business owners to help them clear out vacant units quickly so they can be rented back out for revenue and would be happy to partner with you too either for frequent, priority service or one-off situations.



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    I don't know how they did it but my storage unit was overflowing with junk built up from years and years of storage. Within no time, it was all loaded up and out of my life forever, thank goodness. - Mary W.